⁌ Kama Oxi ⁍
City: Kiyv Country: Ukraine Age: 20 y.o. Height: 5.41 ft. Weight: 99 lb. Body measurements: 30" / 24" / 31"
Kama Oxi is a gorgeous slender brunette. She has perhaps one of the longest pairs of legs on Earth. A statuesque, super-sensual woman with amazing posing skills, Kama always knew that she would become a model! Her super long hair also gives her a bit of wildness and rawness that makes men literally melt in front of her. Kama is a hedonist, she is addicted to all the pleasures of life! Eat the most delicious food, dance fiery dances, meet new people, make love until dawn... her strip show is an eye balm!
Kama Oxi
Kama Oxi
Kama Oxi
Kama Oxi
Kama Oxi
Kama Oxi
Kama Oxi
Kama Oxi
Kama Oxi
Kama Oxi
Kama Oxi
Kama Oxi
Kama Oxi
Kama Oxi
Kama Oxi
Kama Oxi
Eve Sweet
Kama Oxi
Kama Oxi

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